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Intergraph® CADWorx Plant Design Suite
Intergraph® CADWorx 2014 Plant Professional
Intergraph CADWorx 2014 is the latest release of Intergraph’s popular AutoCAD®-based, intelligent 3D plant design and modeling solution. One of the most powerful solutions on the market, it is also easy to learn and use.
·         Improved Time Saving Routing Capabilities
·         Quicker, Intuitive Design Modifications        
·         Move Related Components with the Exclusive ‘Drag-lock’ Feature
·         More Powerful Component Catalogs and Piping Specifications Editor
·         Change Size of Existing Piping Systems with Intelligent Options
·         Change Specification of Existing Piping Systems
·         Rules-based Piping Design and Layout Improving Design Integrity
·         Intelligent Piping Assemblies from any Combination of Components
·         Piping Connection Branch Tables
·         Intelligent 3D Piping Design
·         Specification-driven Design
·         Steel
·         Equipment
·         Ducting/Cable Trays
·         Collision Checking
·         ISOGEN Isometrics
·         Live Database Links
·         Model – P&ID Synchronization
·         Intergraph CADWorx Design Review included
·         Intergraph CADWorx P&ID included
·         Links to Stress Analysis
For more info click here:  Intergraph CADWorx Plant Pro
For more info click here:  Intergraph CADWorx Steel Pro
Intergraph® CADWorx® P&ID Professional
Intergraph CADWorx P&ID has everything needed for the easy creation of intelligent process diagrams. CADWorx P&ID unlocks the power of P&ID’s by making diagrams, and the information locked within them, available to all stakeholders.
·         Quick and Intuitive P&ID Creation
·         Large, User-modifiable Symbol Library    
·         Specification-driven P&ID’s
·         Bi-directional Project Database
·         Component Link to Project Documents
·         P&ID/Model Synchronization
·         Legacy Drawing Conversion
·         P&ID Project Publishing
·         Automatic Instrument Loop Diagrams
·         Instrument Datasheets
·         Equipment Datasheets
For more info click here:  Intergraph CADWorx P&ID
Intergraph® CADWorx® Design Review
CDWX_Design_ReviewIntergraph CADWorx Design Review allows the review of plant models by designers, managers, owners and other stakeholders. With CADWorx Design Review, everyone shares in the benefits of design collaboration.
Design Review
·         Create Review Models for Access by Intergraph CADWorx Design Review
·         Markups and Redlining
·         Realistic Visualizations
·         Small File Sizes
·         Editable Animation
·         Access Intelligent Information
Design Create
·         Add-on to CADWorx Design Review
·         Create Review Models for Access by Intergraph CADWorx Design Viewer
·         Password Protect Review Models
·         Date-limit Review Models
Design Viewer
·         Free Viewer for Review Models Created by intergraph CADWorx Design Create
·         View Animation
·         Access all Intelligent Information
·         View Markups and Annotations
For more info click here:  Intergraph CADWorx Design Review
Intergraph® CADWorx® fieldPipe™ Professional
CDWX_fieldPipeIntergraph CADWorx fieldPipe Professional when combined with Intergraph CADWorx Plant Professional, delivers the most powerful plant as-built and spool verification tool on the market.
CADWorx fieldPipe Professional
·         As-built Development while in the Field
·         As-built Development from Laser Point Clouds**
·         Links to CADWorx Plant Professional*
·         Onsite Modeling
·         In-shop Spool Verification
·         Creation of As-built Deliverables
·         * Requires CADWorx Plant Professional
·         ** Requires Leica CloudWorx Basic as a minimum
For more info click here:  CADWorx® fieldPipe™ Professional
Intergraph® CADWorx® E & I
Intergraph CADWorx E&I includes the most complete tools for efficient instrument and electrical design. It is easy to learn and has helped hundreds of companies create revenue-earning deliverables more quickly and accurately.
CADWorx E & I
·         Complete and Integrated E&I Environment
·         Graphical & Data-centric Capabilities
·         Built in Object-oriented Database
·         Powerful Graphics Engine included
·         Integral Change Management
·         Multiple Global and Project catalogs
For more info click here:  CADWorx® E &I™ Professional